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For those of you looking for jobs, I found the following information that may be
helpful to you.


1. Choose the best format. While most resumes are written in a historical
chronological format, often a better technique is to evenly balance between skill set
description, achievements, and employment.

2. Find a balance between wordiness and lack of detail. Employers need to see
details about your work history and experience, but they don’t need to know
everything. Keep information germane to the goal of attaining an interview.
Eliminate information that is not related and will not have direct impact on winning
an interview.

3. Do not use personal pronouns. “I”, “me”, “my”, “mine” or “our” should be
eliminated. Example: For your prior job description, instead of writing, “I hired,
trained and supervised a team of assistant managers and sales associates”, you
should state that you “Hired, trained and supervised a team of assistant managers
and sales associates.” Fragment sentences are okay.

4. Use numerical symbols for numbers. In resume writing, numerical symbols serve
as eye stops and are a better method. Instead of writing “Developed a dynamic
team of eight consultants”, it would be much better to state “Developed a dynamic
team of 8 consultants”.

5. Think accomplishments rather than job duties. What makes you stand out from
the crowd? How did you come up with a way to do things better, more efficiently
or for less cost? What won honors for you? Information like this is vital, will grab
attention and put your resume at the top of the list.

6. Keep it positive. Avoid reasons for leaving a job and/or professional setbacks.
Employers are seeking people who can contribute and have successfully performed
in the past. Concentrate on communicating these issues and avoid any detracting

7. Be phone savvy. Many first time job interviews are conducted via telephone
rather than in person. Make sure you are prepared for that telephone call when it
arrives and that you have a resume that will make the phone ring!

Bob Cook, Commander



Bob Cook , Post Commander

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